Curative Holdings is a South African owned and operated company based in greater Johannesburg area, providing professional services in instant lawn installation, garden services and waste removal. The company prides itself on its high-quality workmanship and attention to detail, and we believe this is what makes us the best in our field. As a company, we have developed a standing as one of the best garden service and waste disposal company in Gauteng. When it comes to lawn services, we can deliver and install lawn within days of receiving your order. Whether you are a property developer looking to add that final touch, or a private home owner seeking a high quality, stress-free product, Curative's instant, installation ready lawn is ideal. We can advise you on the best type of grass to use and how to maintain your lawn for year-round enjoyment. We're also able to offer suggestions for those difficult lawn problems. Curative Holdings have experience in installing lawns on a range of sections, from steep slopes and lifestyle blocks, through to flat townhouse sections.

Curative Holdings

We pride ourselves in the experience that we have gained over the years to advise our customer with the best type of lawn to install in covered areas and open place.

Curative Holdings

We offer any service in the garden and drive way, whether you think your garden needs to be tidied up and refreshed, or you wish to give it a new and modern look - we are here to help.

Curative Holdings

We offer the most affordable and most efficient rubbish removal services. The instant you decide to use our rubbish removal services is the moment you’ll realize how much time you’ve been wasting on this tedious task.

Curative Holdings

Curative Holdings operates mainly in Sandton, Fourways, Bryanston, Sunninghill, Northgate, Randburg, Northcliff, Midrand, East Rand and West rand area. When it comes to Instant lawn supply and installation, garden services and rubble removal our team are the best for the job


Curative Holdings
Curative Holdings
Curative Holdings
Curative Holdings

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu Lawn is a vigorous growing warm season lawn. It can handle a high amount of wear and recovers quickly from damage, making it suitable for highly used areas.

Kikuyu Lawn grows best in full sun, however will tolerate a small amount of shade. It is easy to grow and is quick establishing. Kikuyu has a good winter colour, unless you are in a heavily frost effected area.

Kikuyu Lawn will go dormant during winter, meaning it will not actively grow although it will require sufficient regular mowing throughout the warmer months.

Kikuyu lawn is an affordable grass which makes it an ideal lawn for larger open areas such as Parks, Golf Course Fairways and Fields. If maintained Kikuyu will make pleasant lawn

Lm Berea

Lm Berea has a reputation for the highest shade tolerance out of all the species. LM is also the most popular choice for gardens in South Africa because of its prominent darker green colour which does not easily turn yellow in continuous wet and rainy conditions when there is not much sun for photosynthesis.

It grows best in shady and semi-shade conditions and performs well in full sun as well. LM grass is commonly known as "shade grass". When planted in full sun, it might need a little more water on extremely hot days.

LM grass has a creeping growth habit that is much less invasive than Kikuyu. It will not invade your flower beds and paving aggressively as Kikuyu does and needs to be trimmed less often in such places. It also does not grow very tall when not cut often but rather forms a thick carpet. LM grass is relatively heat tolerant and can recover from drought and heat stress in a short time.


Topsoil is the top layer of the earth's surface. Topsoil is high in organic matter, which makes it very easy to till and fertilize ground for growing plants. Topsoil was designed to bring all the ingredients for the recipe of plant life together. If you’re planning on growing lawn or vegetables or just to level some land, then topsoil is the product that you should use.

You can also add topsoil to existing lawn and the best way to add topsoil to your lawn without damaging your grass is to top-dress the lawn with topsoil that matches the lawn's native topsoil. Adding thick layers of soil without allowing grass time to adjust, however, kills the grass, even if it is not buried completely by the soil. Adding a thin layer of topsoil once every several months to the lawn is the best technique.


One of the easiest ways to keep your lawn healthy and green is to compost it 2-3 times a year. This is preferable for many people because it's safe and organic, and you're not constantly adding chemical-based fertilizers to your yard or garden.

Compost makes a great fertilizer, because in addition to having important nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it often has trace elements you don't ordinarily find in commercial fertilizers. Compost benefits your gardens, lawns by increasing the water-holding capacity of your soils. This increases the drought resistance of your soils. Whether your soils are compacted clay, or sandy deserts, when you add compost, your soil structure will improve. If you add compost to clay soils, they will loosen and have better aeration and drainage. This is a critical factor in creating beautiful lawns in new subdivisions. If you add compost to sandy soils, they will tighten and hold more water.


Supply and Delivery of instant lawn

We pride ourselves in supplying a prompt service and quality freshly weed free lawns to individual home owners, landscapers and property developers, our team can advise you on which lawn is best suited to your lifestyle and budget. Whether you simply need the turf delivered or you require turf supplied and installed, our quality assured staff will get the job done. We have highly skilled and vastly experienced personnel who do the laying.

Ground Preparation

Before seeding or sodding, it's important to thoroughly work the soil. We pride ourselves in putting a lot of work in ground preparation which includes amending poor soils, such as heavy clay, by adding organic matter such as compost, rotted manure, peat, and quality topsoil, removal of old lawn, grass, weeds, raking away all stones, lumps of soil which can cause the land to be uneven. We have the right equipment and tools to ensure a good job.

Planting of Instant Lawn

We deliver fresh lawn from farm and make sure it is installed the same day. Curative Holdings prides itself in employing highly skilled and vastly experienced staff who do the planting of instant lawn. When laying the lawn, we make sure to get each sod pushed firmly up against the other and we take time to ensure this is done properly. Packing the sods tightly and firmly together helps the lawn establish better and offers our clients that instant look. We always deliver exactly the right type of grass you order.

Rubble Removal

Whether you have a few unwanted items or you need an entire office cleaned out, no domestic or commercial job is too big or too small for our company to do. We offer the cheapest and most efficient rubbish removal services in the area. The instant you decide to use our rubbish removal services in greater Johannesburg area is the moment you’ll realise how much time you’ve been wasting on this tedious task. With a single phone call you can save yourself hours of doing tedious job. Take a closer look at what we have to offer and you’ll see reliability every step of the way.


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